How To Attract More Traders With Trading Competition

Competitions and giveaway contests are popular activities in the cryptocurrency space. Trading competitions are a way for crypto projects and protocols to incentivize users and keep them engaged and motivated. GOCHA offers trading competitions with different starting capitals, leverages, volume restrictions, and margin requirements.

New crypto projects would often hold crypto giveaway contests to entice early adopters. At the users’ end, these contests mean winning free crypto tokens, stablecoins, and other digital assets. Plus, the gamification aspect makes them enjoyable.

Trading competition is a popular type of activity that would hold from time to time to win rewards and expand portfolios.  For a new platform, a trading competition is a good way to bring in new traders.

For example, Bitforex recently held a competition to celebrate the integration of their new futures trading feature. The competition included a simulated testing platform where users with a demo account had 1.8 million USDT in their wallets. 

Traders who participated and actively used the feature with their demo account were rewarded with BF tokens worth $20,000, $8,000 in ELF tokens, $3,000 in ACT tokens, and $1,500 in KCASH.

3 Top trading competitions in the world

Bybit’s Trading Competition 

A twice-a-year global contest, Bybit’s Trading Competition aims to unite the very best coin traders from around the world. The event offers bonuses and discounts for early registration, so potential entrants can get great value and potentially add tokens to their wallets, all while having loads of fun. This global cryptocurrency trading competition is powered by Bybit championing the spirit of competition, fair play, and cultivating camaraderie between cryptocurrency lovers from around the world. Bybit’s Trading Competition celebrates the positive changes cryptocurrency and technologies have brought to our lives. 

Bybit’s Trading Competition ranks contestants by the “profit vs. loss” percentage, where traders compete on a level playing field regardless of the depth of their pockets. Follow Bybit’s official social media account on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and take our simple ETH quiz, and you may be one of 500 lucky winners to share $10,000 of bonuses in ETH.

Binance’s Trading Competition 

Binance, the respected crypto trading platform, organizes crypto trading competitions. The platform organizes various competitions frequently, and from time to time, they also organize tournaments with big prize pools. One of them was the Futures Grand Tournament that was held in 2021. Last year’s competition included various teams that players could join, and additionally, users could enter the tournament anytime during the challenge.

Players could win $1,800,000 in awards. The platform had competition for solo players, teams, broker solo competition, and referral challenges. One of the latest tournaments Binance organizes is the chance to win 1 Bitcoin with a Binance card. The first 10,000 users who complete tasks will get the 5 BUSD token voucher, and among them, only five users will get 1 Bitcoin token voucher.

C-Trade Trading Competition

This competition held on the C-Trade trading platform differs in a prize draw for each tournament, but the entry requirements are simple. In most cases, crypto traders who traded during a specific period will automatically enter the draw and get a chance to win an award.

In most cases, you can trade as much as you like, and at the end of the competition period, you will get your equal share of the prize pool deposited in the account. The remaining prize pool will be divided among the top 100 participants with the highest trade share. The prize pool will be higher if more people attend the event. The last C-Trade competition finished on April 14th, and in the current one, players can win a $20,000 trading bonus when they trade with Ethereum.

Trading competitions are the new way to win free crypto coins because tournaments offer you a chance to get new crypto and expand your portfolio. GOCHA offers trading competition to increase the trading volume and attract more traders onto the platform. Hence, there is an opportunity to distribute tokens the right way.